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Millennials: El Americano Nuevo has arrived

I just came across this excellent article in the Huff Post by Jose Tillan, GM/Executive VP at Tr3s: MTV Musica y Mas, and had to share it.

Hispanic Millennials

I was especially drawn to its provocative title, The Death of The Hispanic Adult Demo as We Know It. Plus, a friend shared it with me.

I like the fact that it challenges our thinking about conventional Latino demographics. We always hear about Latinos being a younger demographic and how by mid-century we will be in the majority.

So why do so many marketers and research people seem to over-focus on adults? Especially mom (la jefa)? Traditionally, this has been right on but by ignoring Millennials, are you insinuating that they’re kids and don’t really matter? Are you saying they’re a bunch of mama’s boys/girls?

Or is your thinking just behind where it should be?

Millennials are here. They tend to multi-task a heck of a lot better than the majority of us do. They’re more tolerant. They mix and match their worlds. They’re American youth.

Read the article and learn a little different insight. Let me know what you think about it.

Click here to read the article.


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