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Auto Correct Features and The Perception/Pendejo Factor

By now I think we’ve all experienced irritating issues or embarrassing gaffes via pixels while typing/Swyping a message on our phone.

There are some pretty funny examples out there regarding some of these auto correct mistakes, obviously but these are all in English. So I began asking my network of bilingual friends and colleagues what issues they’ve encountered with some of these linguistic gaffes.

Especially when they fluctuate between English, Spanish and Spanglish.

One example I recently noticed was when I typed in the word Spanglish, but got spanflush. Then I typed in bien and got biennial.

Here are a few funny ones that popped up as I asked around:

“I swyped in abrazo and got scraps instead”

“Well you can never text a ñ and you end up with ano instead of año – so you get an anus instead of a year–just a tilde away from an ass.”

“Once when I was whining about the postal system con un amiga, ‘pinches cabrones’ became lips of camels.

“My last name is Medina but it always gets auto-corrected to Media. Speaking of Pinche, this gets auto-corrected to Pincher.”

“I get biennial all the time for biencabron turns into canto, bruto turns to neuro, eres becomes wrestling, perro becomes Petri, and guey becomes Huey.”

Then of course one of my good friends put it to the test with a tongue-n-Swype twister:

“Pinche nopalero arenero jodido sonoita sandinita hijo de cesar Castro. (asi esta bien)” I believe that was his way of telling me he had no problems with his texting.

I’m curious to hear some other examples you might have. Send them my way.

We’ll share them as part of our Secret Global Citizen Linguistic Code.

Special thanks to Gina, Juan, Suzi, Gennaro, M. Mujer, and Tony for sharing.


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